TheLittleGym_Luxembourg_Owner-10Stéphanie Vanhove


The first time I went to a The Little Gym, tears came to my eyes. I thought “How can people make a living out of giving parents precious time like this with their children… it must be the best job in the world”.

We had visited The Little Gym Waterloo after a colleague of my best friend’s husband had fallen in love with The Little Gym concept and left his job to open a Gym in Waterloo. Watching that first class really took my breath away and I loved it from the start.

I had been an auditor for six years. While I liked working with numbers, it was people that I really missed – I wanted to be doing something warmer, something more human. The Little Gym appeared on my horizon while I was on maternity leave, and the timing was perfect.

This was back in 2001 – what a terrible time to be opening a business. The Internet bubble had exploded, and no bank would lend me money. My amazing family and friends came to the rescue, and we scraped together what we could to open The Little Gym Luxembourg franchise on scraps of borrowed ‘love money’.

The Little Gym Luxembourg really is a labour of love. We poured our hearts and souls into opening the gym. It was a family adventure – with my two eldest children just babies at the time. And in 2003 we opened our doors.

It is hard to believe it has been 12 years since that crazy, exciting and slightly terrifying day. Thousands of children have crawled, run, cartwheeled, laughed and high-fived around our gym since then. And some parents have been with us for 12 years and through two or three children.

We care deeply for our members – both parents and children. We want parents to come and have a wonderful time with their children, relax in warm and positive surroundings, and look forward to coming to our gym just as much as the children do.

Life is so busy – we want to give parents back that precious one-on-one time with their children.

And we know the children have a great time – some parents tell us they can’t even drive past our Gym without their children begging to come in.

That feedback really makes our day. Our whole mission is the develop children while making them feel great about themselves. We want every single one of the 800 children that come to our Gym each week to leave feeling loved, important, and with a big grin on their face!

One of my favourite member stories comes from little Romy. Romy joined as a 10-month old and is still with us four years later. When she was four years old, her family were at the airport to catch a flight. Romy was proudly wearing her The Little Gym Show Week medal around her neck. When airport security asked her to take it off, she stubbornly refused. Such was her pride that airport security needed to negotiate with a four-year-old!

Stéphanie Vanhove
Owner – The Little Gym Luxembourg