Celebration of Progress 2018

During the week from Monday 29th of January to Sunday 4th of February, let's Celebrate Progress at The Little Gym ! Parents are invited to enter the gymnasium and live this moment observing their child to boost his/her self-confidence. You can also take pictures or film them if you wish!

At The Little Gym, our classes nurture your child in every dimension of their development. : Get moving, brain boost, life skills : a three dimensional learning approach.

Parents and kids are looking for more than just moving. Every week we offer them the possibility to grow into a well-rounded and well-adjusted child: they can express their feelings, learn to be be part of a group and be at ease in front of others.

"Try to do your best, not to be the best " : we help children deal with success and failure in a seriously fun environment.

We invite you to film your child exercising (for example when upside down). When replaying the video at home with you he will see himself from a different point of view which helps develop his body awareness. So don't hesitate to film him and watch the video together at home, insisting on how proud he can be of everything he is able to do already. You teach him that regular practice and perseverance help grow skills. You could also dig out videos from past years to surprise him and show how work leads to improvement and success.

For all those reasons, we are happy to organise the Celebration of Progress and look forward to seeing you all here !



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